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Client Newsletter PREMIUM

Client Newsletter PREMIUM puts an ever-expanding online library of relevant and high-quality tax and superannuation articles, in Word format, at your fingertips. It also gives you a monthly Client Newsletter in both Word and locked PDF format.

Client Newsletter

Reap the benefits of giving something extra. The Client Newsletter makes it effortless to give your clients your own branded newsletter in PDF format. Click here to subscribe to this service. 

Monthly Tax Update - PDF & Video

The notes provide a detailed explanation of all materials issued in the preceding month. The accompanying video presentation addresses the key points in each update. Subscription options include: PDF & Video or PDF Only versions. 

Free E-Newsletters - Tax and Superannuation

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Product & Services Catalogue

Taxpayers Australia specialises in providing technically succinct and thorough tax and superannuation information via a wide range of products and services, including seminars and workshops, essential publications and more. 

2014 & 2015 Tax Summary

This is the 95th edition of the Tax Summary. It trademark plain-English approach makes it essential reading for all taxpayers seeking information and tools to ensure they pay the right amount of tax and not a cent more. 

Tax Summary: Complimentary Preview

To help you determine if the information we provide is right for you, we have made Chapter 14: Business Deductions, Table of Contents and the Index available for you to review. 

The Taxpayer

The Taxpayer journal (32pp monthly) keeps you in the know about tax changes, rulings and cases, as well as important tax and superannuation developments. Taxpayers Australia members can access a comprehensive archive of all The Taxpayer issues in PDF format.

2014-15 Lodgement Rates & Thresholds Guide

The pocket sized Ready Reckoner has all the tax and superannuation rates and thresholds you need.

DIY Superannuation Manual

The DIY Superannuation Manual is an excellent resource for both the taxpayers running their own SMSF or the professional who may be operation funds for their clients. 

Superannuation Quarterly & Superannuation Strategies

Superannuation Australia's quarterly journals deliver a valuable mix of longer-term SMSF strategies and essential compliance updates. Superannuation Australia members can access a comprehensive archive of all journal issues in PDF format.

Tax Policy Journal

The Tax Policy Journal was established to publicise the results of research into many aspects of taxation in Australia, and the main initiator of this research is the Taxpayers Research Foundation (TRFL). 

Weekly Tax Wrap Podcast

Released on Thursdays, our podcast is a discussion about current issues in tax and super. Every week, we produce a mix of professional insight and light-hearted banter presented in a structured yet relaxed format.