Tax Policy Journal

Tax Policy JournalThe Tax Policy Journal was established to publicise the results of research into many aspects of taxation in Australia, and the main initiator of this research is the Taxpayers Research Foundation (TRFL). TRFL was founded in 1996 and in 1998 all necessary approvals to become a recognised and approved research organisation was received.

In this capacity, TRFL has the approvals of Government as:

  • an approved research institute
  • a deductible gifts recipient
  • an income tax exempt charity
  • an initiator of research.

The 2013 Tax Policy Journal is now available:

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This edition of the TPJ presents a series of articles that canvas some of the major policy issues for our future tax debate. The articles cover the following topics:
  • Compendium of taxes in Australia’s federal system of government
  • Removing inefficient taxes on housing: a boost to the economy
  • Addressing the fiscal consequences of ageing through expenditure reductions, not tax increases
  • A fairer, simpler, and more efficient tax system: Reform in the ACT
  • Tax concessions to investment versus lower company tax
  • The economic impacts of business taxation with special reference to the mining industry
The TPJ is an information base for the use of Australian taxpayers to have a better understanding of the issues confronting our tax system and enable a more informed debate on changes that are proposed or implemented to ensure there is an overall benefit to all Australian taxpayers.