Online trust deeds, companies and other legal documents

Clarity, Simplicity, Ease of Use along with the right price, were the main criteria we looked for when conducting research to find the best online Trust deeds, companies and other legal documents provider. And we are pleased to partner with Cleardocs, who met all of the above criteria.

Cleardocs is a simple, effective online system for creating and managing legal and related documents. You answer simple questions to personalise the documents and tailor them to suit your needs. They are then emailed directly to your desktop in a matter of minutes. Find out more here.

Cleardocs time saving multiple-order "Copy & paste" feature allows you to "copy" your answers from one of your orders on Cleardocs and automatically "Paste" them in to your next order. Find out how it works here.

Here are some of the documents and services offered:

Superannuation Trusts
Company Services Other Services
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All Cleardocs master documents are signed off by the Top-20 law firm Maddocks, who also provide a free legal helpline in relation to the documents. 

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Taxpayers Australia shall not be under any legal liability for any loss or damage whatsoever or wheresoever caused to any person or entity using any product including but not limited to any written article, legal text or document, computer programme or other product supplied by any third party on behalf of Taxpayers Australia to any party in respect of any loss or damage arising from or caused by either directly or indirectly the application and or use of the product supplied by the third party.